Cities People Love

Here is the city that you wish for!

Cities People Love is a new independent, knowledge-sharing research platform that will bring together the voices of industry, academia and the community to create more informed and inclusive discussion about the future of our cities.

The pandemic has radically reshaped how we live. The way we work, socialise, get around and interact has been turned upside down. We asked you to tell us about the type of city you want to return to when this is over.

Thank you for sharing your diverse thoughts, reflections and ideas with us! You have helped us together understand what a more loveable city for everyone could look like.

The final illustration includes a wonderful selection of the comments that we heard.

What happens next?

We invite you to reflect on the thoughts and ideas you have shared with us and each other. Your responses will also shape our research ahead of the launch of the platform in August, helping us focus on how to create a better city for everyone.

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