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Cities People Love is a new independent, knowledge-sharing research platform that will bring together the voices of industry, academia and the community to create a more informed and inclusive discussion about the future of our cities.

The pandemic has radically reshaped how we live. The way we work, socialise, get around and interact has been turned completely upside down. As we all transition out of isolation, we are inviting everyone who lives in a city to join this discussion. We want to know what type of city you wish to return to.

Please reflect upon the things you value about your city and describe what you want to see and feel in your city to make it more lovable.

I would love to return to a city that…


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What are we doing with your comments?

We will be bringing together the diversity of comments to create an illustration that depicts a shared vision for the city. Each few days this illustration will evolve as more people share their aspirations with us.

Your responses will shape our research ahead of the launch of the platform in August, helping us focus on how to create a better city for everyone.

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