Alice Fowler

Creative Director

Alice is a graduate of the Bachelor of Environments at Melbourne University. She has experience in design development, critical thinking and design research. Alice enjoys working on collaborative projects in design and planning and plays a key role in effectively communicating the Cities People Love research and design projects.

Bec Fitzgerald

Creative Content

Bec is an Associate Urban Designer at Hodyl & Co. She has previously worked at the City of Melbourne and has a Masters Degree in Urban Design. Bec’s favourite places in the city are those that feel like they belong to the city’s inhabitants. She believes in the importance of having shared, open and accessible conversations about the city and the places we live in that aren’t obscured by complicated language that can only be understood by industry.

Carmel Mahri

Creative Content

Carmel graduated as an urban planner from Melbourne University in 2015 and has experience in graphic design for architecture, urban planning and design. Since 2019, she has mainly worked with textiles and product design for homewares. Although she is no longer in urban planning, she enjoys creating graphics for the industry. She believes that good designs are those that are easily read and understood.

Desley Renton

Community Engagement

Des is a multi-award winning community engagement and communication specialist with 25 years of experience helping government, the community sector and industry have meaningful conversations with their communities and stakeholders. As Managing Director of Renton and Co, Des works to deliver innovative and brave approaches to community engagement that enhance wellbeing, increase satisfaction and promote sustainable decision-making.

Jack Fowler

Web Development

Jack is a digital designer and web developer. His work focuses largely on the overlap between design, usability and development. His experience ranges from start ups to large scale projects for global companies. His work focuses on using design and technology to communicate and simplify complex information.

Kate Ryan

Marketing and Communications

Kate is a Communications and Public Affairs professional with a Masters in Urban Planning and Environment from RMIT University. Kate has worked across key sectors in government, academia, and the private industry including transportation and construction. Kate has a keen interest in urban development and believes we need to broaden the debate on what makes a great city by listening carefully to the voices that go unheard. Her work is informed by a commitment to elevating such voices to build cities for everyone.

Maddison Kitching


Maddison is an illustrator and graphic designer/scribe who has worked with government, NGO’s and the private sector across various creative disciplines. He also works as an artist exploring the relationship between representation of landscape and Australian identity. He has a Bachelor of Communication Design from RMIT.
Maddison is interested in the role visual communication can have as a tool for learning and engagement and aspires to make information clear and fun and to propel the voices of those who are often unheard.

Rachel Maguire

Research Program Director

Rachel is an Associate Social Researcher at Hodyl & Co. She has previously worked in local government and the community housing sector. Rachel is a researcher and sociologist who specialises in developing housing and urban policy that delivers inclusive and equitable cities. She has highly developed qualitative and quantitative research skills which she applies to the study of complex urban problems. Rachel’s work is underpinned by a commitment to addressing the inequalities which characterise contemporary society through informed decision-making and evidence-based public policy.