Leanne Hodyl

Managing Director

Leanne is the founder and Managing Director of Hodyl & Co, a design and planning consultancy focused on creating cities people love. She has 20 years experience delivering urban policy and design projects critical to the future development of cities. This includes leading housing strategies, built-form policy for high-density urban environments, arts strategies, urban renewal intensification strategies, master plans for existing urban areas and infrastructure planning projects. Leanne created Cities People Love to enable a shared, meaningful and robust conversation about our cities – how decisions are made in them, and how we best deliver a city that supports everyone to thrive.

Joe Hurley

Joe is an Associate Professor and researcher in the Centre for Urban Research, lecturer in the Sustainability and Urban Planning program at RMIT University, and Deputy Director of the Clean Air and Urban Landscapes Research Hub where he leads a program of research called ‘Making Greening Happen in Consolidating Cities’. Joe’s work is underpinned by a commitment to sustainability and equity in cities. His research focuses on the intersection between urban planning and urban sustainability, and on the role of urban governance and policy in producing sustainable outcomes. Joe is an experienced research leader, managing teams of multi-disciplinary researchers to tackle complex urban problems. He takes a particular interest in the relationship between research and practice worlds and is actively involved in work to reduce the barriers to exchange and enhance collaboration as he believes these two worlds, when working effectively together, are critical to the future of great cities.